Chrissy + Robert

13 MAY 2022


Our Story

A reflection on our past together

  • October 2019

    A Macrame Affair

    Chrissy and Robert meet for a quick drink and a movie. Chrissy wants to ghost, but the bartender won’t stop talking about crafts.

  • January 2020

    The Great Paper Towel Shortage of 2020

    There are no cleaning supplies. All is lost. Robert plots a way to survive by sneaking into Chrissy’s home and never leaving.

  • July - August 2020

    Major Moves

    Chrissy and Robert move in together in Fairfax, Virginia. Chrissy wants a townhouse, but Robert wants a yard.

  • October 2020

    Happy One-Year

    Chrissy and Robert celebrate their first anniversary together.

  • August 2021

    The Plot Thickens

    Chrissy and Robert purchase a tract of land together to build their future home. Chrissy will want tile in every room, but if she asks, I am allergic to tile.

  • October 2021


    Robert showed Chrissy something shiny, and now she won’t give it back.

  • May 2022


    The whole reason you’re here.

The Details


Required for food and drinks.


Select the right outfit.


Pick your stay.


Make sure you arrive.

Things To Do

Fun things for fun folks.